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1on1 & Small Group Strength Training

Our strength coaching service is our highest quality offering. These sessions are dedicated to providing you with the highest degree of feedback, customization, and attention to detail.

Athletes Strength Training

Collaborating towards creative solutions

     Our strength training packages are formatted to help you achieve your goals, whether that reducing pain, elevating your lifestyle, or aiming for gold. Our strength coaches work closely alongside our physiotherapists to collaborate on novel solutions for problems that one practitioner may struggle to tackle alone.

A 1on1 or small group strength coaching program might be right for you if...

  • You are trying to rehab an injury

  • You are struggling with chronic pain

  • You have clear goals that want help with

  • You want to learn more about training and movement in a low-pressure situation

  • You've tried other approaches to your goals but struggled to find success

Key Features

Custom-made programming built on assessment data; reevaluated based on your progress and adaptations.

Movement Assessment

Movement Assessment

In an initial 1-hour assessment, we identify movement patterns that influence your performance, pain, and risk for injury. We then monitor changes in these patterns over time through consistent technical development to track changes.

Personal Trainer Coaching

Coaching and Education

Technique and movement quality are our expertise. We base our decisions on a combination of numerical assessment and quality of movement, giving you feedback from multiple angles.

Periodization Individual Custom

Indiviudlized Programming

All of our individual coaching programs come with a subscription to the Teambuildr app. We provide custom programming based on your needs and goals, and are able to adjust and reassess from session to session.

Small Group Training


Going on vacation? You can pause your training package up to 2 times for a 2 week period throughout your membership.

How To Get Started

1. Email us to book an initial assessment

2. Review the assessment with your coach and decide on your training package 

3. Book timeslots to come train

Thanks for reaching out!

1on1 & Small Group Package Options

Each package requires a 1hr initial assessment with one of our strength coaches ($110+GST) or physiotherapists ($133+GST) as well as a 3-month commitment so that we can dig in and make some lasting adaptations! 1-off sessions without a package can be booked at $110+GST.

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