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About Spectrum Performance & Rehab

Spectrum is a locally owned small business in the heart of central Edmonton. We are dedicated to providing a holistic and integrated approach to developing and rehabilitating humans, both as athletes and individuals. We believe that performance and rehab fall on the same spectrum, and thus require a team that is dedicated to integrating the two rather than separating them.


     We pride ourselves in creating a supportive and inclusive environment. While a gym is a place to physically train and a clinic a space to return your body to normal function, we also understand that our humans need more than just a space to work the body. We strive to maintain an environment where people come to feel seen, valued and understood; whether that be after a long work day, university exams, or a rough day on the playground. 


     Support and accountability have a dynamic and fluid relationship, and we believe one cannot exist without the other. Accountability is important when athletes and coaches, or therapists and patients, have expectations of each other. We believe these expectations should be concretely communicated and reevaluated to foster successful relationships. 


     We believe that resilient humans make for strong, capable athletes. The recent research around resiliency by Canadian professor Dr. Michal Ungar discusses resiliency as something that can be broken into two parts: rugged traits and access to resources. We apply that theory to helping our athletes and patients. This can mean developing traits such as self-compassion and patience for oneself. Moreover, it can also look like accessing resources such as therapy to build emotional capacity and manage and adapt to life stress. Both come together to create a positive impact on training and rehabilitation, as well as life outside of sport.

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Meet The Team

Alex Hague
Weightlifting & S&C Coach

  • Owner

  • Master of Coaching (MCoach)

  • Olympic Weightlifting NCCP Comp-Dev, Team Canada Coach

  • Head S&C Coach for uAlberta Bears & Pandas Wrestling, Bears Basketball

    With a Master's of Coaching from the University of Alberta, Alex's passion lies in unravelling the complexities of the coach-athlete relationship. He currently works with athletes trying to fulfill their goals throughout various stages of their athletic careers. His combined knowledge of strength and conditioning as well as Olympic weightlifting allows Alex to apply variations of the Olympic lifts to discern movement pattern deficiencies and optimize athletic characteristics across the spectrum.

     Alex wrestled as a University of Alberta Golden Bear for 5 years, where he fell into his passion for strength and conditioning after being introduced to the Olympic lifts. This is where he was first exposed to an integrated system of performance and rehab, planting the seed for what Spectrum is today. Alex works closely with the physiotherapists at Spectrum as treatments alone are only part of the equation to solve movement issues that arise from poor movement patterns.

  In his spare time, you can find Alex keeping up with international weightlifting or wrestling results, hanging out with his cats, or playing Magic: The Gathering.

Alex Hague
Claudia Lim

Claudia Lim 
Weightlifting & S&C Coach


  • Olympic Weightlifting NCCP Comp-Intro

     Claudia graduated from the Personal Fitness Trainer program at NAIT in 2021. She is passionate about functional fitness, Olympic Weightlifting, badminton, and basketball. She typically focuses on youth strength and conditioning as well as one-on-one training to reduce pain with our more complex individuals. She’s a great asset for all of our youth teams, school groups, youth Olympic weightlifting team, and is beloved by clients of all ages.

     She loves being active and spending time with people who share the same passion for fitness. In her spare time, you can find her playing with her dog, Beau, doing CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and searching for her next favorite restaurant. She also loves travelling and spending time with friends and family.

Pete Yee
Performance Physiotherapist, Weightlifting & S&C Coach

  • MScPT, MSc(Kin), IMS

  • Director of Rehabilitation

  • CSEP-CEP w/High Performance Designation

  • Olympic Weightlifting NCCP Comp-Intro

     Pete recently returned to Edmonton after practicing in the sunny Okanagan since completing his Physiotherapy degree from the University of Alberta.

    Before entering the physiotherapy world, Pete obtained a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan specializing in neuromuscular physiology. At the University of Saskatchewan, he was a member of the Track and Field team and was a trainer with the Varsity Sports Medical team. 

    Pete occupies a unique role in the middle of the spectrum between a physiotherapist and a strength & conditioning coach. His practice focuses on sports/orthopedic injuries but also has a special interest in neurologic conditions and pediatrics. Pete’s philosophy focuses on a combination of exercise, manual therapy, and education. This allows for an active partnership between the therapist, patient, and other parties involved in the rehab process; employing the full spectrum of movement modalities to solve both the cause and symptoms of injury.

  Outside the clinic, Pete enjoys running, Olympic weightlifting, being a beer snob and hanging out with his wife and their fur critters.

Pete's sports focuses include;

  • Olympic Weightlifting

  • Rugby & other field team sports

  • Track & Field

Peter Yee Physical Therapist Physio Therapy Edmonton
Alyda Bauhuis Physical Therapist Physio Therapy Edmonton

Alyda Bahuis
Performance Physiotherapist

  • BScKin, MScPT

  • Head Physiotherapist for uAlberta Wrestling

     Alyda graduated from the University of Alberta with a Master of Science in Physical Therapy in 2020, where she worked with the Augustana men's Basketball team. Prior to that, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology along with a minor in Anthropology from the University of Victoria. In addition to her many years of studies, Alyda has been working as an athletic trainer from the young age of 15. She has worked with numerous varsity and community teams in that time including football, soccer, rowing, track and field,  basketball, and wrestling. She has developed a strong passion for working with athletic populations and has tailored her treatment approach to prioritize longevity and optimal performance. Along with her extensive experience working with high-performance populations, Alyda has also spent time working with neurological, pediatric, and orthopedic populations.

     Growing up, Alyda was involved in competitive martial arts earning her black belt in karate at the age of 13 and continuing to train until the time when she entered university. Once in post-secondary Alyda developed a love for weightlifting and the outdoors! In her spare time, you can find Alyda in the gym training for Olympic weightlifting, watching hockey and basketball, exploring the outdoors, or experimenting in the kitchen!

Alyda's sports focuses include;

  • Wrestling & other combat sports

  • Basketball & other court sports

  • Hockey & Ringette

  • Skiing, Curling, & other sliding sports

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