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School Programs

Sports Performance delivered from a theoretical and hands-on approach

Smarter & Stronger

Our goal is to inspire and encourage students through a positive learning experience, while also empowering and equipping them with knowledge and experience. Our labs consist of both hands-on practical experience, as well as theoretical concepts that apply to sports performance and training.

From Hands-On Experiences

Gym-based activities that students will participate in to gain hands-on experience with the fundamentals of training and testing

Olympic Weightlifter Snatch

Sports Strength Training

Traditional, scientifically-backed movement used to train elite athletes for decades

Olympic Weightlifter Clean

Olympic Weightlifting

Mixing strength, speed, power, coordination, mobility, and stability together into the most effective training tool for all sports

High School Basketball Game

Performance Testing

Learn to administer and evaluate relevant tests to measure performance

To Interactive Learning

Classroom-based activities that teach students the science behind planning sports training

Periodization Athlete Workout Split

Building a Strength & Conditioning Plan

Learns the how and why of planning an effective weekly performance enhancing workout 

Matveyev Model of Periodization

Periodization Theory

Learn the theory behind progressing volume and intensity to manage fatigue and maximaize training adaptation

Wrestler Wrestling Match High School

Sport Specificity

Learn why different sports need to train differently in the strength & conditioning realm

The above-listed topics are a selection of our most popular school sports performance topics, please reach out to us if you are interested in anything else specific as we have a wide variety of other topics we can cover.

How To Get Started

1. Decide what topics you & your class want to learn

2. Reach out to us to let us know your needs so that we can collaborate and match our services to your curriculum

3. Schedule times to learn and train!

6740 99 St NW

Edmonton, AB T6E 5B8

Thanks for reaching out!

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