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Team of Female Athletes Strength Training

Team Training

Stronger together

     With our team training model, your sports team can sign up for sessions throughout your competitive season or in the off-season. These sessions can be 60 to 90 minutes in length and cover a wide array of physical attributes depending on the needs of your sport and athletes. The session structure remains similar throughout the season as we follow a periodized plan according to your competitive season. The athletes will spend a block of time in the gym going through basic movement patterns (squat, hinge, etc.), with volume and intensity based on the training age of these athletes. This is followed by blocks working on conditioning, running mechanics, change of direction, agility, mobility etc. as needed by sport, athlete, and season.

     With this team model, it can be extremely economical and usually averages out to be $10 or less per athlete per session. If you have any questions regarding team training, please reach out to set up a call with us!

Interested in team training? Let us know!

6740 99 St NW

Edmonton, AB T6E 5B8

Thanks for reaching out!

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